Shrinking in high precision mechanic

With the term shrinking in high precision mechanic, we want to indicate the union between two elements, shaped in such a way that they are complementary in order to form an interlocking connection. In mechanical machining, shrinking usually involves the interlocking of gears on shafts.


Spindle manufacturing

A spindle is a mechanical device installed on a machine tool and on which a chuck can be mounted in order to clamp and hold any piece that needs processing but also to drag a tool or piece in rotation in order to be able to perform a certain type of processing.


What is grinding in mechanical processing

In mechanical processing, grinding is a procedure performed with a machine called grinding machine. Grinding is used to bring any component to the state of optimal shape or surface of the project, ensuring that all residues and excess material are eliminated, guaranteeing a high degree of finish to the machined surface.

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