We specialize in the production of valves for the aeronautical sector of the highest precision and workmanship.

Thanks to our research and development department, we offer a wide range of solutions for components intended for the aerospace industry, specifically we deal with:

  • Construction and processing of targeting systems and gyroscopic units for the military sector
  • Construction and processing of slide valves with 2 and 3 components for the operation of hydraulic actuators of aircrafts
  • Hydraulic distributors with micrometric couplings and relative certification.

On-site support

In order to optimize the entire production process, our experts are available for on-site support at your company.

Internal machining

We take care of the whole production process internally thanks to our machines for valves production.

Since 2010 we have been a leading company providing mechanical precision tooling, grinding and lapping services and assembly of small / medium-sized mechanical components.

How we work

Exploratory meeting to deepen the details of the processing phases

We will study the project and the processing

The production phase begins