Measurement tools

We take care of the construction of control instruments for HSK profiles from 32 up to 100.

We specialize in the production of HSK  tool holding system for spindles that work at very high speeds. This type of clamping tools offers many advantages for the machining of any type of piece.

The HSK integral and modular tool holding systems can be used in spindles with automatic tool change and in spindles with manual tool change. HSK systems guarantee wide uniformity in terms of radial and axial precision.

The HSK  tool holding system has all these characteristics and advantages because it has been studied in detail from design to construction by our specialized technicians.

On-site support

In order to optimize the entire production process, our experts are available for on-site support at your company

Internal machining

We take care of the whole production process internally thanks to our machines for valves production

Since 2010 we have been a leading company providing mechanical precision tooling, grinding and lapping services and assembly of small / medium-sized mechanical components.

How we work

Exploratory meeting to deepen the details of the processing phases

We will study the project and the processing

The production phase begins