In an increasingly unpredictable and constantly changing competitive market, it is crucial for a company to be able to innovate and offer high quality standards with its products and services.

At CpGrinding we have a long history and today we can say that we are a dynamic company and an excellence in the field of mechanical precision tooling. But why choose us and develop a partnership with us? Let’s find out together!

A little bit of history

We have been operating for over 50 years in mechanical precision tooling, grinding and lapping for third parties.

Since our foundation, we have distinguished ourselves for the precision, quality and punctuality of our work and for the flexibility and competence in customer satisfaction.


Our company

At GP Grinding S.r.l. we employ a highly qualified staff of extremely skilled operators that are continuously trained and updated on the technological developments of the machines and instruments they operate as well as on innovative production cycles and techniques.

The result of this consistent attention and care in research and development processes as a key to conquering new markets enabled us to achieve significant status in prospectively strategic industrial segments such as in the high removal grinding, packaging, space-aeronautics and nuclear and renewable energy sectors.

Our experience and our quality control plan ensure that every production is implemented with maximum precision and punctuality in accordance with defined measurements and tolerances, required quantities, delivery time compliance, achievement of forward-looking budgets.

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Our offer

With the achievement of the ISO 9001/2008 certification, of the TÜV product certification and the definition of instrumental measurement uncertainty for the relative Declaration of Conformity, CP Grinding S.r.l. has taken another leap ahead in complying with all the necessary provisions and quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction in an increasingly technologically advanced and competitive market.

Today we grind externally and internally every single cylindrical piece on centers with maximum precision, in particular shafts and spindle components, tool holders and tapered attachments for operating machines.

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