Targeting systems are special systems that operate to assist a weapon in the aiming operation. A targeting system is made of different elements such as a computer, a calculator and a radar.

Those systems were invented for ships and submarines around the 19th century and then their use was extended to aviation with the advent of World War II.

One of the earliest systems was the HACS (High Angle Control System) a British anti-aircraft system employed by the Royal Navy. HACS was able to calculate the deflection required to place an explosive projectile in the position of a target flying at a known height, bearing, and velocity.

Towards the end of the war, new systems called lead computing sights were used and they used a gyroscope for pointing.

Today targeting systems are digital; the use of digital technologies allows a greater precision in the calculation and a greater shooting efficiency but above all, can take into account all possible effects.

Our offer for the aerospace industry

We offer different solutions to the aerospace industry such as:

  • Construction and processing of aiming systems and gyroscope groups for military industry
  • Construction and repair of 2 and 3 component valves for operating aircraft hydraulic actuators
  • Hydraulic distributors with micrometric couplings and related certification

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