The HSK modular tool holding systems are used both with spindles with automatic tool change spindle and manual automatic tool change spindl. HSK systems guarantee wide uniformity in terms of radial and axial precision.


The HSK integral and modular tool holders offer great stability thanks to the face-to-face contact between the cone surface and the electrospindle nose. Thanks to this feature, HSK integral and modular tool holders can safely reach speeds levels impossible for SK, BT or CAT tool holders, while maintaining high standards of precision and vibration control.

With HSK tool holders the runout statistics are improved and the life of the spindle components is increased.

This HSK tool holding system has the following features:

  • Reduction of setup times
  • High repeatability
  • High rigidity
  • Correct positioning of the cutting edge

With the modular tooling system, if the cutting head is broken and the tool holder is not, simply replace a new cutting head and the tool holder can be used continuously. A modular tool holder can assemble four different cutting heads at the same time satisfying different user needs. The tool holder can assemble several cutting heads to reduce costs and tool change time

Our offer

Our proven manufacturing skills and our quality control processes, ensure that each production batch is executed with maximised precision and punctuality, compliant to specifically set dimensions and tolerances, quantity requirements, on-time deliveries and budgeting estimates.

For what particularly concerns the production of all types of tool holders and shanks attached to milling machines, cutting centres and high speed cutting centres (HSC) not only for the steel and light alloy industries but also for the processing of other materials such as wood, marble and glass, each single part manufactured is compliant to the DIN 2080, DIN 69871, MAS 403 BT, DIN 69893-5 /HSK standard provisions.

The tool holders we produce furthermore feature specific anticorrosion heat treatments and assorted balancing techniques relating to high speed.


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