In precision mechanics, the tool-holding systems is a fundamental dowel for any production. The tool-holding systems, i.e. the connection between the cutting tool and the machine spindle, is in fact crucial to achieve full productivity and efficiency.

Specifically, the tool-holding system is the part that:

  • is handled by the tool exchanger
  • holds the tool in its own storage
  • allows insertion into the spindle
  • contains magnetic pads for storing tool data


The different types of tool-holding systems are:

  • ISO connection

conical: tool

low speeds

  • HSK attack:


high speeds

There is not one tool-holding system is suitable for all applications as for example if tool-holding system is designed to perform high speed finishing operations it will not be suitable for other procedures such as roughing. Using an unsuitable tool-holding system can also lead to dimensional errors or excessive wear of the spindles.

Therefore every machining requires a particular type of tool-holding system

Our offer

At CpGrinding we produce and process tools in different types

(adapters, extensions, reductions) with the following connections:

CAPTO/PSC profile (male and female) from C3 to C10

HSK from 32 to 100

ISO 20 to 60.


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