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State-of-the-art aerospace components, such as those used to build jet engines, aircraft cells, and landing gear, must meet the rigorous standards of the FAA and other civil aviation safety authorities.

As a third party mechanical machining company we face various challenges every day to process those complex components, documenting their quality and accuracy, and continuing to meet customer demands for larger quantities and shorter delivery times.

To accommodate all the increasingly demanding requests for the production of components for the aerospace industry, you need the most advanced machines built to equally rigorous standards. And this is what we incorporate in every machine tool we use for machining mechanical components.

Equipped with capabilities that enable exceptional material removal rates and surface finishes even in the toughest super alloys, the grinding machines handle complex shapes and maintain tolerances up to 0.0001 “at production speeds needed to keep up with industry demands. modern aerospace.

As a reference point for the Italian and European market, CpGrinding Srl offers solutions suitable for all needs for the aerospace sector.

In particular we specialize in the production of valves for the aeronautical sector of the highest precision and workmanship.

Thanks to our research and development department, we offer a wide range of solutions for components intended for the aerospace industry, specifically we deal with:

  • Construction and processing of targeting systems and gyroscopic units for the military sector
  • Construction and processing of slide valves with 2 and 3 components for the operation of hydraulic actuators of aircrafts
  • Hydraulic distributors with micrometric couplings and relative certification.

For more information contact us at 0039 035 940042

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