In mechanics, when we talk about hubs we refer to the central part of a wheel (generally a rotating organ) that has the function of supporting the bearings housed inside it to allow the component that will be mounted above it to rotate.

The term hub also refers to a mechanical component (clutch wheel, pulley or toothed wheel) that can be fitted to a crankshaft or duct.

The hub is fixed to the wheel by using special bolts.

Wheel hubs use

The wheel hub is an essential part for the proper functioning of traction control and abs, they are also crucial to the safety of each vehicle.

There are two types of wheel hubs:

  • Monolateral: for cars or motorcycles with single arm swingarm. In these cases, the hub is rotating and is inserted into the suspension bearing.
  • Bilateral: in the classic case of motorcycles and bicycles, in this case the motion is transmitted directly on the rim.

Well-designed wheel hub systems are functional to meet the most common requirements: long life, vibration-free braking and bearing failure prevention in severe conditions such as heavy loads or contaminated environments.

CpGrinding offer

For the racing industry we develop customized wheel hubs based on our clients’ projects in order to satisfy the most demanding precision requirements.