Different analyses carried out in recent years have shown that the degree of efficiency and competitiveness of a company significantly depends on its ability to generate innovation, and how companies are all the more effective the more they incorporate technologies and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions. This correlation is reflected in the evidence that companies and countries that invest most in ICT perform better in terms of productivity and growth.

ICT is therefore a fundamental lever for innovation of SMB enterprises as it can help to acquire greater competitiveness, improve productivity, ensure greater efficiency and reduced costs of managing business processes

Enabling technologies, the “T” factor

Increasing productivity and competitiveness means innovation. Without innovation there can be no growth, nor can there be a proper response to market challenges without the tools to compete.  If global competition changes the market scenario, technology can have the strategic role of supporting companies to promote a culture of innovation and become more agile and competitive.

The best technologies at your service

At CpGrinding we have always used the best technologies in our production processes.  The production and control cycle, made with both physical and pneumatic measuring instruments (cones), is supported by a modern and efficient computer system and measurement cycles that allows real-time monitoring of the cycles and processing times (delivery and costing) and control (100% in process).

Our production experience and our quality control ensure that every production is implemented with maximum precision and punctuality in accordance with defined measurements and tolerances, required quantities, delivery time compliance, achievement of forward-looking budgets.

Our offer

We have a metrology lab temperature controlled and constant humidity for the control of very high precision measurements.

We also make the most of CNC machines for precision machining.

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