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Modern precision mechanics deals with the production of components for various sectors such as industrial, aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Precision mechanics deals with the production of mechanical components that require a high level of accuracy. Metal turning and milling as well as control and grinding operations are part of the precision mechanics activities.

The precision mechanics sector has undergone significant changes over the years, mainly thanks to the technological innovations that have affected the industry in recent years. But let’s see in detail the history of mechanical workshops.

The first mechanical workshops:

When we say “mechanical workshop” we mean a work environment where construction, repair and mechanical processing activities take place. The word comes from “officina” in Latin, that means precisely laboratory / shop. The modern mechanical workshop was born in the nineteenth century with the introduction of steam machines and machine tools.

Inside a mechanical workshop we can find workbenches, measuring instruments, tools, hand tools, machine tools and more, depending on the industry to which it is oriented. In precision mechanics field, skilled workers and technicians, including engineers, designers, millers, turners, lappers and mechanics work alongside in order to guarantee the highest standard of precision. Nowadays the workplaces of the precision mechanical workshop are air-conditioned and regulated by strict safety standards.

Equipment of precision mechanical workshops

For precision mechanics there are very important tools that allow you to carry out machining and measurements. Metrology is of utmost importance and the metrology lab is a fundamental part of the precision mechanical workshop.

CpGrinding mechanical workshop

When it comes to precision mechanics, machinery is just as important as the company’s staff and know-how. The improvement of our production quality is ensured by our machine fleet, that is composed by machines with the highest level of precision that we purchased from top European companies. Discover our machine fleet 


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