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The spindle is a mechanical device that is installed on machine tools used in chip removal processes such as machining centers, lathes and cutters.

Generally, a chuck is mounted on the spindle which allows the workpieces to be clamped and held still, as well as to drag a tool or workpiece in rotation in order to perform a certain type of machining on / with it.

The chucks can be clamped with three, four or six jaws; the most common is used on portable drills, normally it can clamp twist drills with a diameter from 1 to 13 millimeters. Then there are self-centering machines for lathes or other machines, with 3, 4 or 6 jaws or jaws.

There are also non-self-centering spindles in which each jaw has an independent movement, useful for fixing the piece with its axis off-center in the case of more particular machining


Types of spindles:

There are two types of spindles:

  • spindles with external motor
  • electrospindles (with internal motor, mainly used in high speed milling machines).


The electrospindle is an electromechanical device that is mounted on machine tools but unlike the normal spindle, it is equipped with an internal motor to generate the rotation of any installed tool and perform the required machining.

The electrospindle is able to provide greater precision and machining capacity to the machine.

The electrospindles can be divided into:

  • Electrospindles for milling
  • Electrospindles for turning
  • Electrospindles for grinding

According to the type, each electrospindle can be customized to adapt to the required processing and the type of material that needs to be worked.

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