A spindle shaft, component of a machine tool, is a rotating shaft that transmits motion to the tool or workpiece. The spindle shaft acts as a holder, positioner and rotary drive for the tool or workpiece. In common use, the name is given to several equipment that are used to grip and center workpieces or tools, such as drill bits, reamers and the like

The spindle shaft must absorb all machining forces that occur during cutting with the lowest possible strain response, generate / transmit the cutting power provided by an internal or external drive for machining, and exhibit high accuracy positioning and travel.

Different types of spindle shafts are used in machine tools to meet different needs. Turning and grinding spindles must achieve extremely high concentricity with high rigidity and generally medium speeds, while milling and drilling spindles are used at partly high speeds under changing operating conditions.

CpGrinding offer

We implement grinding centres capable of maximised precision, on individual cylinders or cylindrical parts and specifically on shafts and spindle components, tool holders, conical tooling machine attachments and adapter shanks.

  • External grinding capacity L = 1600 mm Diameter 230 mm
  • Spindle shaft internal grinding capacity up to 1000 mm.


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