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A spindle is a mechanical device installed on a machine tool and on which a chuck can be mounted in order to clamp and hold any piece that needs processing but also to drag a tool or piece in rotation in order to be able to perform a certain type of processing.

In mechanical processing, the spindle is a central component in machines such as the lathe, the milling machine, the grinding machine and the grinder.

The term spindle is often also used as a synonym for self-centering. The types of chucks are different and can be with three, four or six jaws clamping. The 4-jaw self-centering chucks are used for fixing circular, irregular or polygonal section pieces with a number of sides divisible by 4. There are also non self-centering chucks in which each jaw has an independent movement.

CpGrinding offer:

At CpGrinding we construct spindles for machine tools, high-speed drilling centers and electrospindle shafts. We design and manufacture the spindles internally using only the most modern technologies and selected materials.

Our specialized technicians and machines for high precision mechanic processing, both for the construction of spindles and for the repair.


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