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With the term shrinking in high precision mechanic, we want to indicate the union between two elements, shaped in such a way that they are complementary in order to form an interlocking connection. In mechanical machining, shrinking usually involves the interlocking of gears on shafts.

Shrinking is a term of which there is a more simplified definition: “operation, typical of mechanical constructions, by which two pieces are stably connected, introducing a protrusion of one into a corresponding cavity of the other”. A typical example of this operation is the insertion of the wheel in its axis.

Cold Shrink vs Heat Shrink:

Shrinking can be done hot or cold. Cold shrinking takes place at minus 196 ° C with the aid of liquid nitrogen and allows you to work on single or series productions. The advantages of this technique are highlighted in cases where shafts, collars and other components are coupled with levers or gear wheels, or in cases where there is a need for the interference seats to be solid.

Heat shrinking is used when there is a need to thermally expand the seat of the hole and perform the coupling. This operation allows the holding system to be heated uniformly in order to avoid jamming in areas that are colder and therefore less dilated.

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