We have dedicated an article to turning in precision mechanical machining and to the most common types of turning processes, now we want to deepen the parameters to be calculated for the machining.

In turning operations, to obtain the desired processing, it is necessary to set parameters that vary according to the material to be processed and the size of the tool used.

The main parameters to be calculated for turning operations are:


Advancement: the distance that the tool covers with respect to the workpiece during a spindle revolution.

Axial Depth of Cut: measures the depth of the tool along the axis of the workpiece during the execution of a cut. The deeper the depth of cut, the more the feed rate must be reduced.

Radial Depth of Cut (RDOC): the depth of the tool cut that is measured along the radius of the workpiece during turning. Also in this case, for great depths, the reduction of the feed speed is required.

Feed rate: the feed rate of the tool with respect to the workpiece. (this parameter is obtained by multiplying the cutting speed by the spindle speed)

Cutting speed: the speed of the workpiece surface in relation to the edge of the cutting tool being machined.

Spindle Speed: The spindle rotation speed measured in revolutions per minute


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