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Metrology is the science that deals with measurement and its applications and includes all aspects, both theoretical and practical, of measurement, whatever the measurement uncertainty and field of application.

By “measurement” we mean the process of experimentally obtaining one or more values ​​that can reasonably be attributed to a quantity. In turn, a “quantity” is the property of a phenomenon, body or substance, which can be expressed quantitatively by means of a number and a reference.

What is a Metrology Lab

A Matrology Lab is an air-conditioned metrological room ( is an environment in which the predetermined thermal and hygrometric conditions are kept constant. In short, inside a metrological room the temperature and humidity cannot undergo any kind of variations.

The most common activities taking place inside a metrology lab are:

  • Carrying out precision dimensional measurements
  • Calibration of measuring instruments

this is because the measurement of products must take place in an environment with stable temperature and humidity in order to avoid that they undergo size and dimension variations.

Metrology Lab: features

In order to be able to guarantee the correct measurement and calibration of products, a metrology lab must meet specific characteristics.

The ISO / IEC 17025 standard, entitled “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”, expresses the need for the work areas of the laboratories to comply with the technical requirements established for the equipment and the performance of the activities. The UNI EN ISO 1: 2003 standard establishes that the reference temperature for the geometric specifications of the products must be 20 ° C.

A metrology lab must ensure that the thermal gradients, i.e. the spatial and temporal thermo-hygrometric variations, are reduced to a minimum, in order to prevent that the temperature deviates too much from 20 ° C.

Metrology Lab Equipment at CpGrinding

Our metrology lab ( is controlled at constant temperature and humidity for the control of very high precision measurements and it is equipped as follows:


  • ZEISS three dimensional precision measuring centre, model UPMC 850 Carat
  • TSK-C.ZEISS roundness measuring machine, model RONDCOM 60°
  • TAYLOR HOBSON form and surface finish measuring machine, model Form Talysurf series 2
  • ZEISS universal precision measuring centre, model ULM 600 Opal
  • MAHR universal length measuring machine, model 828 Cim
  • JOINT microscope, MIL 201
  • TESA height gauge, type MICRO-HITE
  • ISOSCAN microhardness testing system
  • Officine Galileo hardness tester unit


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