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CP GRINDING Srl was founded at the end of 2009 thanks to the acquisition of the business branch of the company Ghilardi Ghezzi Srl, which has been part of the mechanical precision tooling sector since 1967. Thanks to this acquisition, today CP Grinding Srl is a company specialized in high-precision grinding operations, in particular shafts and spindle components, tool holders and conical attachments for operating machines.

CP Grinding Srl implements grinding centres capable of maximised precision, on individual cylinders or cylindrical parts and specifically on shafts and spindle components, tool holders, conical tooling machine attachments and adapter shanks. Thanks to the collaboration with qualified partners, the company is able to offer turning, milling and heat treatment services of the highest level.

The company’s production and control cycle is supported by a modern and efficient computer system of that allows real-time monitoring of processing and control cycles and times.

The continuous attention towards research and development put in place over the years as essential keys to conquer new markets, have led Cp Grinding Srl to achieve significant market segment and strategic areas such as packaging, aeronautics, nuclear energy and renewable.

Certifications and licenses:

With the achievement of the ISO 9001/2015 certification, of the TÜV product certification and the definition of instrumental measurement uncertainty for the relative Declaration of Conformity, CP Grinding S.r.l. has taken another leap ahead in complying with all the necessary provisions and quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction in an increasingly technologically advanced and competitive market.

All equipment and tools in use in the company are periodically checked against “primary samples” whose traceability is guaranteed by legally recognized national and international institutes.

To know more about Cp Grinding Srl read the interview with our founder Giuseppe Peroni .

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