In mechanical processing, grinding is the specific procedure performed with a machine called “grinding machine”. Grinding is used to turn every component to the state of optimal shape, ensuring that every residues and excess material are eliminated in order to guarantee a high degree of finish..

Cylindrical grinding

The term “Cylindrical grinding” refers to the all the grinding operations of round and cylindrical pieces that allow us to obtain the most possible roundness of all the details. This process is carried out with utmost precision for both internal and external diameters.

Cylindrical grinding is performed by mounting the piece on a spindle that rotates slowly in the same direction as the grinding wheel. The spindle also performs the translation motion.

Cylindrical grinding is used for the production of cylindrical or conical parts and for the grinding of shafts, axes and spindles used in sectors such as mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and the aerospace industry.

Our offer

At CpGrinding we offer grinding processing to third parties using CNC numerical control with machine tools that reach very high precision.

We grind mechanical parts based on drawings and on various types of materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, titanium, cast iron and brass.

We test our products with the latest generation measuring instruments within our metrology room.

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