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Valves are devices use to command and regulate the start, stop and direction, as well as the pressure and passage, of a fluid coming from a hydraulic pump, a compressor, a vacuum pump or an accumulator or container under pressure.

The definition of valve, according to international language, applies to all types of construction such as slide, ball, plate, shut-off valve, etc.

Slide valves are rectilinear valves used to control the admission of steam into, and emission of exhaust from, the cylinder of a steam engine. In order to do so, slide valves use the rectilinear sliding movement of a piston placed inside a seat, to open and close the connecting ways. They are called “slide valves” because the spool slides longitudinally in the valve body, while the air flows perpendicular to the spool.

Slide valves have a lower flow rate and a higher switching stroke than the shutter valves and have a particular advantage: the actuation of the slide valves can be of any type and can be applied on both sides of the spool.

The seals of the slide valves are made with toroidal seals, arranged in slots on the valve body, and with seals placed in the valve body which are held in positions by spacers or with seals mounted directly in the spool itself.

Construction of slide valves

Among our services we offer the construction of slide valves for third parties, providing a guarantee of the unique quality of Made In Italy.

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