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Measuring instruments are devices to measure a physical quantity. In the physical sciences, quality assurance, and engineering, measurement is the activity of obtaining and comparing physical quantities of real-world objects and events. The measurement of a physical quantity therefore requires a comparison with the primary sample of the unit of measurement homogeneous to it. This type of measurement, called fundamental, is limited to the case of the reproduction of the sample of measurement units. Much more often, it is sufficient to compare the physical quantity with a secondary sample or to use an instrument which, thanks to calibration, preserves the memory of the unit of measurement sample. Established standard objects and events are used as units, and the process of measurement gives a number relating the item under study and the referenced unit of measurement.

The task of a measuring instrument is therefore the perception of the value of the measurand which represents its value, the transmission and conversion of the signal and the visualization of the result.


At CpGrinding we deal with the construction of measuring instruments, in particular HSK profile control instrumentation from 32 to 100.

We offer precision mechanical machining for third parties. We have a long history and strong experience in the sector. Our company has evolved by adapting to the precision and reliability needs of important application sectors such as packaging, aerospace, nuclear and renewables.

Our measuring instrument construction service involves the production of measuring instruments with the use of a selected division of our company equipped to perform the entire production and testing process to ensure maximum reliability in the measuring instrument sector.

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