Centerless grinding is a machining process designed to produce particularly thin and small components that cannot be easily locked between the spindle and the tailstock. This type of grinding allows the production of cylindrical components.


The process of centerless grinding requires the piece to be between two grinding wheels (one large and one small) that rotate in the same direction. The large wheel, i.e. the operator, rotates faster and grinds the surface, while the small wheel presses the piece against the working wheel.

In centerless grinding operations, operations are carried out on a CNC centerless machine, from 2 to 40 mm with a high quality standard. Centerless grinding allows the creation of small cylindrical parts and mechanical components with variable geometry.


Centerless grinding machine

All grinding operations are performed through the use of specific machinery. The centerless grinding machine operates with two wheels of different sizes and rollers where the piece to be machined is positioned if it is particularly long


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