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Interview with Giuseppe Peroni, founder of Cp Grinding Srl.

How was Cp Grinding Srl created?

CP Grinding Srl was founded at the end of 2009 by taking over the branch of Ghilardi Ghezzi Srl which has been included in the precision machining sector since 1967. Thanks to this acquisition, CP Grinding Srl became specialized in high precision grinding processes, working every cylindrical component both externally and internally, in particular shafts and spindle components, tool holders and conical bracketds for operating machines.

What have been the biggest changes that have affected your company in recent years?

Thanks to the experience gained during the years of our activity and to our equipment, our production has evolved, turning more and more to those sectors where precision was the main component for the production of increasingly advanced components.

Thanks to new technologies and our Research & Development department, we have entered high-tech sectors such as aerospace and the production of gauges and measuring instruments.


How has your business idea changed over the years?

The need to support the demands of a market linked to a highly differentiated sector, where the components with high technological content such as that required by the aerospace sector, are flanked by the automotive and machine tool that conditioned by the financial trends linked to credit and domestic demand for durable goods, of course changed our business idea. The success of a company like ours goes through the ability to guarantee a product that meets the requirements of our customers.


Why did you choose to focus on the aerospace sector?

This particular sector allows us to take full advantage of many of ours strengths: all the technological skills acquired over the years, our corporate structure that takes the form of an air-conditioned, modern production environment equipped with the most advanced machinery and highly specialized and continuously updated employees.

What can we expect in the future for the machining sector?

As far as CP Grinding Srl is concerned, we will aim to have a greater interaction with our customer in order to acquire a technical competence that ensures a 360 ° assistance, right from the design development part, and a flexibility in guaranteeing the right timing both for prototyping and for special supplies.

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